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Graphic Design

Printed marketing communications, advertisements, book covers / interiors, packaging, product design, brochures, catalogues, prospectus, annual reports, magazines, leaflets, folders, newsletters, booklets, posters, flyers, greeting cards, cd covers, postcards...
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Company Identity

At the core of every effective brand resides a solid corporate identity system. As the essence of a brand, the identity needs to serve as the visual definition of the company. It needs to be distinct, simple and flexible.

The creations of logotypes and comprehensive guidelines for their application to stationery, business cards, letterhead and other marketing lollateral...

Are you serious about your project or business? Have you ever thought about the advantages of having a strong identity and visual reference?
I design logotypes and identity templates for organizations and corporations of any size. It could be anything from a small independent theater logo to a large scale global corporation. In any case I strive to provide an identity that fits well into the concept, is easy to adapt and can be passed on to future coworkers.

I have some examples in my portfolio, please take a look.


Web Site Design, re-design and Development

Concept development look and feel, design of custom page templates, implementation of content management solutions, integration of custom web applications, hosting recommendations, site maintenance and search engine placement, consulting.

Dynamic HTML Websites, Database Websites using MYSQL & PHP Technologies, Basic Online Applications such as: Guestbook, Reservation forms...

The design is entirely built upon Cascading Style Sheets, a modern and effective way of separating design from content that has many advantages compared to older and outdated techniques.
Using web standards, your website will be:

• faster loading
• optimized for search engines
• easier to update
• cheaper in bandwidth cost
• prepared for flawless redesigns in the future
• attractive in all modern browsers
• accessible for people with disabilities or impaired       vision... and have many more great advantages.

Website design and development services gives your company the edge it needs to succeed on the Internet today.

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Image manipulation, Photo re-touching, Illustration, drawing, vehicle livery, signange, window display's, exhibition panels, Flash presentations, animations, banners, Calligraphy...

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